Every one of us has a unique story. We have our own way of seeing the world. 

God has a plan and He wants you, in all your uniqueness, to help make it happen. 

Is the world right now, to you, looking like a good place? 

What does it look like from where you stand? Is it full of possibilities and potential? Or is the world right now, to you filled with questions, sadness, grief and pain. Do you see broken hearts and hopeless situations? 

God isn’t looking for perfect people. He wants to use you to make a difference. 

To bring healing, goodness, truth, salvation, mercy and He wants the kingdom to break through and He wants to do it through you just as you are. 



Our Speakers



Author of Jesus Feminist and Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith.

Writer and blogger. Sometimes preacher. Unqualified theologian. Recovering know-it-all.

Wife to Brian. Mum to four tinies. Western Canadian, born and raised and forever.

Happy-clappy Jesus follower. Social justice wannabe. Bookworm. Devotee of British television.

Total hugger.


Part time Community Pastor, Part time counsellor and leader in Kings Church, Bangor. Full-time imperfect wife to Glen and mum of five little ones who keep my feet well and truly planted in reality, grace and mess. Trying hard to pursue joy at all times in the midst of the mess and imperfection and I love being part of the risk taking adventure that Jesus calls us to as the church.



In North Africa and living life and loving God. 

(Living and working in a part of the world that requires us to keep her identity private.)



We would love to introduce Andrea Wharton as our first seminar speaker. She has invested in many people over the years and a great friend to many all around N.I and U.K. She is funny and loves people with an incredible sense of fun and worth. 
We are so excited to have her part of our conference. 
Andrea is a passionate and creative speaker, whose approach to the bible is as accessible as it is inspiring. She preaches with great humour and draws on real life experiences to go deeper with God.  She has a wealth of experience in church leadership, currently serving on the leadership team at City Church Belfast. Andrea works in a school, is married to Damian, has 3 children and a dog, Barkley.


If you're traveling from out of town, check out our list of accommodations!


> > H O T E L S < <

Clandeboye Lodge Hotel
Address: 10 Estate Road Bangor BT19 1UR
Tel: 028 9185 2500
Clandeboye is a very short drive away from Bangor town centre.

Marine Court Hotel
18-20 Quay Street, Bangor BT20 5ED
028 9145 1100

The Salty Dog
10-12 Seacliff Road, Bangor, BT20 5EY
028 9127 0696
The Marine Court and the Salty Dog are located in the centre of Bangor.


> > S E L F - C A T E R I N G / B + Bs < <

Astala Lodge
Address: 45-46 Queens Parade, Bangor, BT203BH
Tel: 028 9189 8389
12 rooms

Cairn Bay Lodge
Address: 278 Seacliff Road, Bangor, BT20 5HS
Tel: 028 9146 7636 / 07551 367607
3 rooms

Shelleven Guest House
Address: 61 Princetown Road, Bangor, BT20 3TA
Tel: 028 9127 1777
11 rooms

Hargreaves House
Address: 78 Seacliff Road, Bangor, BT20 5EZ
Tel: 028 9146 4701 / 07980585047
3 rooms

Snug Harbour
Address: 144 Seacliff Road, Bangor, BT20 5EZ
Tel: 028 9145 4328 / 07835 338252
5 rooms

Ennislare House
Address: 7/9 Princetown Road, Bangor, BT20 3TA
Tel: 028 9127 0858 / 07759 168577
10 rooms

Bangor Bay View Apartment
Address: 116 Seacliff Road, Bangor, BT20 5EZ
Tel: 07790 918976
2 bedrooms, sleeps 3

Address: 62 Queens Parade, Bangor, BT20 3BH
Tel: 028 9146 1423 / 07709 395357
5 bedrooms, sleeps 10

High Tide Cottage
Address: 9 Seacliff Road, Bangor, BT20 5HA
Tel: 07836 637637
2 bedrooms, sleeps 4



This conference is hosted by King's Church in Bangor